In 1999, Major David Millar retired from his position as Salvation Army court worker in Auckland and immediately took up the position of Port Chaplain with Sailors’ Society Auckland. David retired from this position almost 20 years later at the age of 85.

“It has been a privilege to serve the seafarers visiting Auckland”, he said.

The Sailors’ Society Port Chaplain is one of four part-time chaplains at the Centre who visit ships in the ports of Auckland to check that all is well onboard, to meet the seafarers and to ensure they are aware of the Centre. The chaplains man the seafarers centre, conduct services onboard or at the centre and visit seafarers in hospital or (rarely) in prison.

The chaplain’s duties are being undertaken by a team of others while a replacement is sought.

Update 1 December 2018

The volunteers’ Christmas party was held at the Seafarers’ Centre on 1 December. During the party, opportunity was taken to mark the retirement of David Millar.

The Centre’s chairman, Captain Chris Barradale, thanks David for his excellent service over the years and presented a monetary gift from the Centre, along with a card signed by a large number of ships’ crews and the Centre volunteers. On behalf of Sailors’ Society (UK) Commander Larry Robbins presented a letter of commendation from the CEO, Stuart Rivers, and a framed certificate of service. Chaplain Kheng presented a gift, being a collection raised by the crew of one of the ships on regular runs into Auckland which David frequently visited. MV SOUTHERN TRADER had been delayed in Auckland by a crane defect. It is ‘an ill wind that blows no good’ and we were delighted that 3 crew members from the ship were therefore able to join in with the party. One of then was Ben, the ship’s cook and it was our pleasure to provide a meal for him as he invariably would ensure that ship visitors received a meal when visiting his ship!

Larry Robbins (C) presents a certificate of service to David Millar while Chris Barradale holds the retirement card signed by volunteers and crew members.
Chaplain Kheng presents a gift from the crew of a visiting ship to mark David’s retirement
David Millar with crew members from SOUTHERN TRADER