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Memorial Services – WAHINE & MARANUI

(Edited) On 10 April 1968 the inter-island ferry WAHINE was lost at the entrance to Wellington Harbour during a fierce storm. 53 people died as a result of the accident – 51 that day, 1 a few weeks later, and another in 1990 from injuries sustained in the accident. <The Wahine Disaster> On 10 April […]

WAHINE Service

Master Mariners, members of the seafarers’ unions, Seafarers Centre Board members and volunteers, friends and supporters gathered at the Auckland Seafarers Centre on 10 April 2018 to remember those whose lives were lost in the foundering of TEV WAHINE on 10 April 1968. The service was lead by the Centre’s chaplains and was followed by […]

Shore Leave

The Seafarers’ Centre in Auckland (AISC) is located within a short distance from the port. There are no restrictions on shore leave in the port unless imposed by the ship due to the workload, schedule or for other reasons. This is not the case in some ports of the world where distance, lack of transport, […]

A Reflection for Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday July 10th 2011 Isaiah 42: 5 – 12.  Luke 4: 16 – 21 If you wish to give yourself a serious fright Google ‘Ships in Storms’. You’ll find on-board videos filmed by crew or from aircraft overhead. One reveals a ship almost vertical and so buried under mountainous seas and ferocious wind-driven spray […]