On 16 December 2017, an interesting article was published in the PORT STRATEGY website.

The article starts: “Ports need to balance commercial realties against funding seafarer welfare …

Too many ports worldwide are extremely shy about discussing the facilities that they provide for seafarers. This could be because, as Peter Tomlin, chief executive of the UK’s Merchant Navy Welfare Board, and his predecessor Capt David Parsons note, very few ports actually have an ongoing budget to provide facilities specifically for seafarers.

However, there are a smattering that support a levy scheme and/or make regular lump sum payments … ”

While some port companies in New Zealand provide support in various forms to Seafarers’ Centres (and others do not!) we understand that only the port company in Lyttelton provides support by way of a levy.                  Follow this link to the full article in the PORT STRATEGY website.