Chaplain David Millar visits a ship at Christmas

A chaplain is available at all times. Please contact the Centre, your ship visitor,  or after hours phone Captain Barradale 0274 759 034  or Commander Robbins  021 182 4545. All discussions with a chaplain are treated as confidential. If you have anything you wish to discuss or if you have any concerns please see a chaplain or one of the volunteers at the Centre. We have good relations with local unions, the ITF and NZ government agencies and can put you in touch with the appropriate organisation who should be able to assist you.






In the centre of our Club is the Mariners Memorial Chapel of St Peter.

It is always available to you just to sit in, think about loved ones and maybe say a prayer or two.

We can advise you about church services in the local area. Please ask one of the staff or volunteers.




3 PCs for internet connection ($2 per hour)
WIFI for internet connection ($2 per hour)
3 Telephone lines.  Our phone charges are kept as low as possible so that you can spend as long as possible phoning home for your dollar. We also sell some of the cheapest phone cards in Auckland. There is a small additional charge if you wish to use your own phone card.
Coffee and tea (free)
Beer and snacks
Souvenirs and necessities
SIM Cards for 2Degrees, Vodafone, SPARK networks
Mobile top-ups for 2Degrees, Vodafone, SPARK networks
Money Exchange. We will change your money into NZ dollars for you at the best possible rates, and help you in every way that we can. Unfortunately we cannot change NZ currency into foreign currencies.
Books and magazines are available to read in our comfortable lounge and many are available for you to take away free of charge
Pool tables and Games. We have a pool table, and many other smaller table-top games are available.
Bibles and New Testaments are available in various languages free of charge (donations are welcome)

For opening hours please visit this page