The Seafarers’ Centre in Auckland (AISC) is located within a short distance from the port. There are no restrictions on shore leave in the port unless imposed by the ship due to the workload, schedule or for other reasons.

This is not the case in some ports of the world where distance, lack of transport, immigration laws etc may limit the ability of the seafarer to get ashore.

Shore leave is essential to give the seafarer a chance to contact home, purchase necessities and simply to get away from the ship (a change being – to some measure at least – as “good as a rest”).

The AISC offers visiting seafarers a range of services including WIFI, phone service, opportunity to exchange currency and to purchase SIM cards or basic necessities. The services of a chaplain are available, there is a chapel and free tea and coffee are always available. See ‘Services Offered’.      We can also put seafarers in contact with government or union agencies in the case of difficulties.

This article from the New York Times offers an insight into the facilities of the seafarers centre in Felixstowe, UK which is inside the port.

This media release from the International Maritime Organisation advises that “Seafarers’ rights to shore leave have been strengthened through amendments which enter into force globally on 1 January 2018, under the revised treaty which aims to achieve the smooth transit in ports of ships, cargo and passengers. ”

Chaplain David Millar visits a ship at Christmas