Ship Visiting

Ship Visiting is an essential part of the work of the Seafarers’ Centre.

Our chaplains visit ships to:

  • let seafarers know about the Centre and the services we offer;
  • be a friendly face;
  • be ready to assist with any welfare problems the seafarers may be experiencing (we can put the seafarer in touch with unions, government agencies etc if necessary);
  • take information such as magazines, local maps etc;
  • (on request) to take services such as ship blessing, mass etc.
  • Undertake limited shopping

Our chaplains are available to seafarers of any gender, race, nationality or religion. In addition to visiting ships and providing services at the Centre, our chaplains visit seafarers in hospital and (if necessary, though fortunately this has not been required in many, many years) in prison. Ships are often in port for a very short period of time, but on occasions ships’ crews have been taken on outings around Auckland.

Some ships are on a regular run into Auckland and the chaplain may become quite friendly with the members of the crew. Others, such as the crew of the TRIESTE TRADER (below) may be visiting for the first time.