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Sailors’ Society appoints Auckland Port Chaplain

Sailors’ Society has appointed Aaron Ironside as the Society’s Port Chaplain in Auckland and National Chaplain. This is a new full-time position, Aaron taking over from Major David Millar who was the Auckland port chaplain, on a part-time basis, for almost 20 years until he retired in September 2018. The Society’s Chairman, Terry Nobbs, welcomed […]

Sea Sunday Homily

Homily by Rev John Marcon presented at Holy Trinity Cathedral, SEA SUNDAY, Sunday 8 July 2018 Psalm 107: 23 – 32 Acts 27: 27 – 32, 39 – 44   Mark 4: 35 – 41 We sing ‘’Whose arm hath bound the restless wave – for those in peril on the sea’ and those whose voice […]

Snippets from latest reports

At the AGM of the Seafarers Centre on 10 June 2018, various reports were received. Amongst them: In 2017 … … 1199 ships visited Auckland (112 bulk carriers, 667 container ships, 101 passenger ships, 62 general cargo ships, 184 vehicle carriers, 8 research vessels, 30 reefers, 28 tankers).  872 of these ships were visited by […]

Chaplains’ Reports February 2018

At the meeting of the Seafarers’ Centre Board on 21 February, the Chairman and Chaplains provided reports for the previous few months.  The key points are given below: A Norwegian yachtsman rescued by merchant vessel was  assisted. At request of the yachtsman the chaplain purchased and delivered presents to the ship’s crew. <media report> Chocolates […]

PTSD Takes a Lasting Toll on Seafarers Held Hostage by Pirates

The maritime industry is full of risk, but piracy is a particularly frightening one. Conor Seyle of the foundation One Earth Future explains why the maritime industry needs to better address the PTSD that seafarers may experience. <Read article>